Top 3 Articles on Winter Falls

Posted December 11, 2015

From the Library Service, here are the top 3 academic articles on winter falls. If you're short on time, our Information Specialist has highlighted the best articles to read as we head into the snowy, icy months ahead. Two of these articles are available in full text free online. The third article can be sent to you by submitting a request to the Library Service. 

Top 3

  1. Ripat JD, Redmond JD, Grabowecky BR. The Winter Walkability project: Occupational Therapists role in promoting citizen engagement. Can J Occupational Therapy 2010;77(1):7

  2. Li Y, Hsu JA, Fernie G. Aging and the use of pedestrian facilities in winter—the need for improved design and better technology. Journal of Urban Health 2012;90(4):602

  3. Morency P, Voyer C, Burrows S, Goudreau S. Outdoor falls in an urban context: winter weather impacts and geographical variations. Can J Public Health 2012;103(3):218