Helpful tips to prevent slips and falls in winter

Posted January 21, 2021

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal has just posted a timely blog called Watch your step! Helpful tips to prevent slips and falls with several fall prevention strategies to help keep steady this winter and beyond. The blog post also has links to related resources and blog posts - check it out!

The first tip is one that is difficult to put into practice, and possibly moreso during the pandemic - Don't be afraid to ask for help

Not only in clearing snow, salting surfaces and moving hazards, but also in support for the other tips of getting appropriate footwear and foot health, exercising safely in home and making a safer environment.   "Ask a family, friend, or caregiver how they could help make any changes that need to be made or assist with finding a professional to get the job done."

But for fall prevention practitioners, how do we reach out to offer that help and support when people are isolated, and concerned about contact with others outside their home?  What are your strategies and challenges to prevent falls this winter?