HSO’s New National Long-Term Care Service Standard – section 4 includes fall prevention

Posted February 7, 2023

On January 31 2023, the Health Standards Organization (HSO) announced the publication of its new National Long-Term Care Services Standard, CAN/HSO 21001:2023

According to the National Institute on Aging, the “standard provides guidance on the delivery of safe, reliable, and high-quality long-term care services, enabled by a healthy and competent workforce.”  

On the Standards homepage (https://longtermcarestandards.ca); learn more about the standard and the public engagement process.

A year ago there was a call for public consultation on the guidelines, see the Loop Discussion on HSO consult March 2, 2022 https://www.fallsloop.com/discussions/11519

To get the Standards: https://healthstandards.org/standard/long-term-care-services-can-hso21001-2023-e/ (or en Français https://healthstandards.org/fr/norme/soins-de-longue-duree-canhso-21001-2023-f/ )
On the right side, you’ll see link to Buy OnlineFR - Soins de longue durée 
The Standards are Free ($0), however you need to enter your contact information to get the link to download the 76 page LTC Standard

All of the references to falls and fall prevention are in Section 4 Ensuring High Quality and Safe Care

The most specific section related to falls is in 4.2.6 

4.2.6 Team follows LTC home’s procedures for injuries caused by falls. Guidelines

-          Using a team-based approach, the team follows the LTC home’s procedure to prevent and reduce the incidence of falls and related injuries for all residents.

-          Team members mitigate the risk of falls on an ongoing basis. The use of assistive devices adapted to the resident’s needs can significantly reduce the risk of falls.

-          The approach balances the resident’s rights, need for autonomy, and right to live with risk.

All the sections on safe care indicate that there should be a team-based approach, and that the LTC home’s procedures are to be followed, such as in assessment, in restraints policies, and safety or injury reports. 

These national LTC Standards are currently voluntary guidelines for implementation, with differing long-term care measures in federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions.

What impact and application will these LTC Standards have for your work?